Friday, April 1, 2011

Space Ace Vs. Dexter's Opinion

Hey folks, JB here with my contribution to this week's little Don Bluth lovefest which began with Dragon's Lair on Monday, and culminates with Space Ace today.

Had a ton of ideas for this one, but due to time constraints, I opted to go with something really simple, but fun. Hope ya'll dig it!

Of course this was done on 9x12 Bristol, and is available for purchase. If you're interested in this or any of the other pieces I've done for this blog so far, feel free to drop a comment or just send me an email (

See ya'll Monday!


  1. Hey, Dusty. I just wanted to stop for this brief comment to say that your work is amazing, though I have not been able to reply to it as much as I would have liked. Lol! Keep up the great work and God bless!

    -Charlie (MightyCharlie from DeviantART and founder of MightyCharlieCreations)

  2. Hey, Charlie! Thanks for checking out mine and Junior Bruce's little blog site here. Glad you're enjoying the work. We've got more good stuff on the way, starting today!

    Thanks again,