Friday, April 8, 2011

Edward Scissorhands

Hey gang, a quick update concerning my partner is sketch blogging. Junior Bruce is having some computer woes, but he'll be back ASAP. Until're stuck with me! Muah, hahah!

Continuing with Tim Burton, we had to do Edward Scissorhands. It's such an amazing film. One of the things I enjoy most about Burton's work is this sort of surreal reality he creates. The town itself is a character in the movie. Of course, Edward is the main player in the film. Tragically flawed and basically cursed to never really be close to another person due to his stigma. That's where I went with my sketch. I pictured a bird landing on Ed's window sill. He becomes curious and tries to hold the bird, but accidentally lops his head off =/ Kind of a funny image in a dark way, but still, I feel it speaks to the message of the film.

The original full color sketch is for sale. It's drawn on high quality 9x12 bristol board. Just email me: , with Edward Scissorhands as the title and I will send you the paypal information. The price is $55 (includes shipping within US. Outside of US please inquire).

-Dustin Evans

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