Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hey, Junior here! So last week I hit a huge speed bump coming back from WonderCon. I get home, I move my office to another room, and my computer konks out in the process. Went all week without the use of my work station. Royally sucked! I finally got it back over the weekend, but by then my workload had doubled, so it's taken me some time to catch back up with stuff. That's why I'm posting last Monday's piece today. I'll also be posting an Edward Scissorhands and Drop Dead Evil piece here very soon.

One thing ya'll oughta know is that my buddy and partner on this sketch blog, Dustin, has decided to step away to focus on other projects. It's all due to not having enough time, which I completely understand. I wish him lots of luck with his stuff, and hope you guys continue to watch and support him as he grows his career. That being said, this blog will continue on. As soon as I catch up on the current pieces, I will get back to posting new stuff Mondays and Fridays. I might even try and wrangle some new partners to come in and join in the fun. And Dustin has even said he'd be willing to drop in and do something here and there if his schedule permits!

So yeah, that's what's going on right now. Should see ya'll tomorrow with some Edward Scissorhands lovin'!

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