Monday, March 28, 2011

Dirk Vs. Dragon's Lair

Howdy! It's been a tremendously busy couple of days, so forgive my late post this evening. I still have the inks left to do, but I thought I would go ahead and put up a piece showing my process on this sketch.

I first do a digital sketch. I was having a tough time nailing down Dirk's pose, so I wound up doing a very small real sketch, which I then scanned in and resized to fit. Then I lighten up the rough sketch, print it out, and pencil the whole thing out with a blue lead .05 Mechanical pencil...because that's how I roll. I then scan the finished blue line image in, resize it to 9x12, and print it out. The image ends up getting cut off, but I know what's supposed to be there, so I just fill in the gaps as I lightbox it onto 9x12 bristol. I then add in the little details like blood squirts from the sliced tentacles, and a couple things on the arcade machine, and boom...done! Now it's ready to be inked. I'll post that in a bit.

As for today's theme, as Dustin said earlier, Don Bluth is a HUGE inspiration! Dirk the Daring's image is one that was singed into my memory at a very early age. I don't have a lot of memories of actually playing the game, but I definitely knew it existed, and do remember watching the game be played for many hours spread out over about five years.

I hope someday somebody gets off their hump and actually does something more with the property...cartoon, movie, another game maybe? At least a DLC for one of the consoles, I mean C'MON! They just did it for Space Ace, dammit!

Anyway, hope ya'll enjoyed this peek into my process. See you again in, like, an hour or so.

Updated: So much for an hour. Ah well. Here's the inked version. It's for sale for $55.00 (US shipping included). For anyone attending WonderCon this weekend, I will also be there with these pieces. I will be attempting to sell them there as well.

See ya'll Friday!

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